What is 10-MDP CAS NO.85590-00-7 ?

10-MDP CAS NO.85590-00-7 is a important organic compound, which its chemical name is 12-Methacryloyldodeylphosphate, molecular formula is C14H27O5P, molecular weight is 322.33 . It  is usually dissolved in  organic solvents such as ethanol, methanol, and acetone is a colorless to light yellow solid or viscous liquid, and is commonly used in dental monomers, especially in dental bonding systems and dental composite. In this post, Dakenam will talk about what is 10-MDP CAS NO.85590-00-7 .

What is the structure of 10-MDP CAS NO.85590-00-7 ?


What is 10-MDP CAS NO.85590-00-7 ?

The chemical structure of 10-MDP CAS NO.85590-00-7 consists of a long chain fatty acid molecule with a tail connected to a molecule containing functional groups of methacryloyloxy and dihydrogen phosphate. This structure endows it with unique properties, enabling it to establish stable adhesion between dental tissue and dental resin materials.

What are chemical properties of 10-MDP CAS NO.85590-00-7 ?

Color: Colorless to light yellow
Form: Viscous liquid or solid
Purity: 95.0% Min
Boiling point: 450.2℃
Refractive index: 1.475
Flash point: 226.1℃
Reactive density: 1.136g/cm3
Solubility: usually dissolved in organic solvents such as ethanol, methanol, and acetone

What are the package and storage conditions of 10-MDP CAS NO.85590-00-7 ?

It is usually packaged in sealed glass bottles, plastic bottles, etc. to prevent the entry of moisture and impurities. In order to promise a better storage for 10-MDP CAS NO.85590-00-7, it should be sealed and refrigerated at low temperatures. It is recommended to control the temperature at 2-8℃. High temperatures may cause chemical changes or degradation, while avoiding contact with strong oxidants and strong acids and bases.

What are applications of 10-MDP CAS NO.85590-00-7 ?

1) Dental restoration material adhesive:
10-MDP CAS NO.85590-00-7 is a commonly used adhesive component in dental restoration. It can chemically bond with hydroxyapatite on the surface of teeth, forming long-lasting adhesion, thereby enhancing the connection between the restoration and teeth. This makes restorations (such as dental fillers, crowns, etc.) more stable and durable.

2) Dental composite materials:

10-MDP CAS NO.85590-00-7 is also widely used as a component of dental composite materials. Composite materials are a type of material used for dental restoration and beauty, typically composed of a resin matrix and filler particles. Adding 10-MDP can enhance the adhesion between the composite material and tooth tissue, extending the lifespan of the repair.

3) Dental adhesive:
10-MDP CAS NO.85590-00-7 can be used as a component for preparing dental adhesives and adhesives. These adhesives are used to bond different materials together during the dental restoration process, such as attaching composite materials to the surface of teeth.

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