As we all know that the sunlight has seven colors after refraction. And many digital devices can display many clear colors on the screen. But with the Development of the market, people want more clear, delicate, and solid colors. So there need for the optical films to filter, reflect the light, etc. In this post, we will share with you the optical films that you should know.

What are optical films?

The optical film is coated or plated with one or more layers of dielectric, metal, or combination film on visual elements or independent substrates. It can change the transmission characteristics of light, including light projection, reflection, absorption, and scattering. The change of its transmittance and reflectivity can make the light of different polarization planes have other characteristics.

optical films

The optical film applications

Optical film applications are everywhere, such as the coating of glasses, the liquid crystal display of mobile phones, computers, TVs or LED lighting, etc… They are everywhere in our lives and make our lives more colorful.

optical films

What are the categories of optical films?

We can set the optical films according to their uses, characteristics. They are reflective film, antireflection film/antireflection film, filter, polarizer/polarizing film, compensation film/phase difference plate, an alignment film, diffusion film/sheet Brightness enhancement film/Prism film/condenser film, shading film/black and white glue, etc. Related derivative types include optical grade protective film, window film, and so on.

optical films

How about the optical films market demand?

In 2020, China’s optical film market demand was approximately 3.15 billion square meters. This is an increase of 47.9% from the 2.13 billion square meters in 2019. On the one hand, the optical film is processed based on the optical base film, so its value chain is affected by the price of upstream raw materials. On the other hand, its customers are various LCD TVs, LCDs, etc. Mobile phones and other electronic consumer products companies, so their value is also affected by the economic environment and consumption boom.

What chemicals are used in the optical thin films?

The Development of optical films has great relations with electric chemicals. Our company Daken Chem is a professional electric chemicals manufacturer since 1983. With about 38 years of Development, we supply the OLED, LCD, and high-end polyimide Monomer for the aerospace industry. The optical film of the polyimide has great performance in the high-temperature heat resistance.

About Daken Chem

Our company has .about 61 projects at a national or provincial level,29 patents,116 papers, and 12 awards by the government. Research and Development is the backbone of Daken. Have the right mix of experienced, young, and enthusiastic research team to find simple and innovative solutions to critical challenges in synthetic chemistry.

Our company has cooperations with Zhengzhou University, which has the Postdoctoral Research Program Laboratory. And it has the research funding support from our government.

daken chem labratory

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